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What other macOS Catalina features should I know about?

The above features get the most attention, but Catalina has many other useful features.

Better tools to manage your Apple account

QuickTime Player has improved Picture-in-Picture, Movie Inspector, and more

iCloud Drive folder sharing

The ability to restore macOS from a snapshot

Enhanced support for international languages

Easy using home office document scanner

What about 32-bit, 64-bit, and macOS Catalina apps?

One of the biggest changes in macOS Catalina is that the program must have 64 bits to run. 32-bit apps will not work on Catalina. (32 bits and 64 bits refer to the linear address space used by the application, the amount of RAM used by the application, and other characteristics.)

If you are using a very old application that has not been updated in a while, these may be 32-bit programs that will not work on your Catalina system. If your software is up to date, you're probably running 64 versions of bits.

If you have a program that is essential to your business, verify that it is a 64-bit program. So it's a 32-bit app, and you have to look for an update or find another app to use or delay the Catalina update.

Can I try the macOS Catalina beta?

After the release of Catalina Gold Champion, you can continue to participate in the beta program. You will receive a trial version of the Catalina update.

Developers can get a trial version of macOS Catalina through the Apple Developer Program. The developer trial costs $99 per year. Apple also offers a free trial to the public. Since the software is a trial version, it is not as reliable as the officially released version and may cause problems with your Mac. The public beta is a developer beta after several rounds, so it's different.

If you try a trial version and then decide not to use it anymore, you can downgrade to the public version of macOS Catalina.

Why is the new macOS called Catalina?

Apple names macOS after its location in California. This method was introduced with OS X Mavericks in 2014. Santa Catalina Island is located approximately 40 kilometers from Long Beach, California.

In 2015, Apple decided to change the name of the Mac operating system from "OS X" to "macOS".

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