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Changes in the story: reasons, manifestation, correction

Boredom - the author decided to write a sentimental novel, thought everything through, sat down to work, but in the middle of the story got bored.

And I wondered if I should add some drive - assassination attempts, kidnappings, chases? I liked the action, and the romantic sentiments faded into the background at first, then into the third, and then they buy essay in 3 hours disappeared from view altogether.

Such a mutation is useful, in principle, except for one thing: If you mix subgenres, do it at once. So that for the gentle reader who likes to cry over the feelings of the characters, the surprises don't become unpleasant.

And that means, again - you have to read and reread the text and think what vivid elements from the changed part can be inserted in the beginning.

If we proceed from our example, it's the hero or heroine's dark past, with hints that it could become a harsh present at any moment. Or a couple of oddball neighbor-characters.

Uncertainty - the author either doesn't know what she wants, or has little experience (or all together), and just follows the story. It led to a love line - wrote about love, ran out of love and started killing - got involved in a detective story.

This, of course, is a negative mutation. Sometimes listening to the story is right, but still, the author is the storyteller, and it is up to him to decide what and how it should be. That is, the story is whispered, and the author contemplates and ponders whether or not it will fit, whether or not it should be written. And that's the only way.

And the mutation is corrected by all the same math homework help plans and analysis of the text. Plus the harsh formulation of the idea, the intrigue, the conflict, the characters. When editing, it is very important to understand what you want to write about, what the characters will be like, what genre will form the basis. And to stretch this with events through the whole story.

Yes, inappropriate will have to delete or rewrite, but do not feel sorry for the text. The story should be understandable and logical, especially if you're not writing it for yourself, but with a view to literary sites and readers.

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