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Indigenous perspectives on Divine Feminine Energy

Medicine people in many Indigenous traditions, including the Q'ero lineage with whom I am fortunate to work, define spiritual energy as feminine and male. We see feminine and masculine energies as spiritual forces that we must embrace to live in harmony and balance with ourselves and all creation, not only at the human level of gender great information.

As a result, it's critical to see feminine and male energy and knowledge as resources that we can all draw from and cultivate. It is vital to view these spiritual energies as designed to coexist to maintain life rather than a human colonial binary. We may feel well-being and contribute to the wellness and balance of the environment around us when we humans accept these spiritual forces.

However, feminine energy is required at this time. Divine Because masculine energies have lately ruled the globe, feminine energy is vital and has to be enhanced. While some of this energy was beneficial, the majority of it was harmful, and it has contributed to the last 500-year colonial cycle from which we are just beginning to emerge.

To fully break free from this deadly cycle, humanity must embrace its divine feminine energy and follow in the footsteps of the matriarchs. Many Indigenous peoples, notably the Q'ero Inca tribe, believe that the days of peace and balance will be restored, lead by the matrons, who will help us recall and reconnect to feminine spiritual energy.

Indigenous worldviews embrace our Divine Feminine.

In Indigenous worldviews, embracing our divine feminine also entails respecting time as limitless and cyclical rather than linear. Mother Earth teaches us to respect cycles and seasons rather than constantly being "on" and creating. Because we are no longer under pressure to perform on a clock, recognizing cyclical time helps us be more empathetic with ourselves and others. Because we can be more present with what shows up when there is no external pressure, we can go with the flow of life, honor what occurs, and have compassion.

Finally, respecting our sacred link with the divine rather than seeking validation via institutions is part of embracing our divine feminine. We've been taught that Spirit is something outside of ourselves, something we need to connect to through an institution, and something that has to be confirmed by an authority, thanks to the colonial reality. Spirit is not viewed as a "field" or a relationship that must be "earned" in Indigenous cultures. Instead, we recognize that we are an extension of Spirit, that everything is Spirit, and that we were created to live in peace and harmony. We may co-create with Spirit and the new world we want by embracing our divine feminine.

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